Mesa Lane - Early Stage & Growth Advisors - 2023

With you at every step...


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Getting you where you want to go, FASTER


Working with startups to PREPARE:

  • Financial modeling
  • Forecasting for fundraising
  • Cap table analysis
  • System implementation
  • Operations & HR

Getting you where you need to be, STRONGER


Working with existing businesses to INCREASE:

  • Cashflow improvement
  • EBITDA maximization
  • Operational improvement
  • Systems analysis
  • Team building
  • Compliance cleanup

Getting you where you want to be, SMOOTHER


Working with businesses at any stage to SOLVE:

  • Preparing for a sale
  • M&A consideration
  • Valuation maximization
  • Financial cleanup
  • HR & operations overhaul
  • ERP & system implementation

We employ the brightest minds

Aptitude matters and we seek those that amplify that inquisitive mind with a well-rounded education who are deeply entrenched in their diverse business arenas with proven track records in profitability. From CPGS to SaaS to eCommerce, our team has touched it.

We have 25 years of experience

We know what it takes to be real-world business operators, working with everyone from startups and Fortune 100 companies. There is a time to be fast and loose, and a time to have I’s dotted and T’s crossed, we’ve lead our clients through every stage.

We provide world class services

Our unique suite of business and advisory services traverses the globe and is currently being implemented in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Latin America by our first-in-class network of executives and professionals . Proficient in a myriad of technology efficient platforms, we successfully bridge time zones and hurdle language barriers.



Safeguard your company's financial future with expert advice and tailored strategies for financial planning, budgeting, and securing funds.


Budget Review

GL Analysis

Custom Reporting

Banking Relations

Tax Planning

Process Analysis


Exit Planning

M&A Analysis

Business Expansion

Financial Modeling & Valuation

Equity & Debt Financing Analysis

Fractional CFO


Ensure financial stability and compliance with a comprehensive range of accounting services tailored to small businesses.


Bank Reconciliations

Balance Sheet Review

GL Audits

Sales Tax Audits

Payroll Audits

Process Evaluations

Month End Close

Quarterly Close

Year End Process & 1099

Annual Prep for CPA


Boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability with strategic planning and optimization of your business processes.

Systems Integration

ERP Review

Process Analysis

SOP Implementation

Equipment Audit

Utilization Analysis

Workflow Analysis

Process Improvement

Human Resources

Receive tailored HR services that address the unique needs and challenges of your business.

Payroll & Taxes


EE Handbooks

Insurance Audits

Policy Review


Platform Integration & Automation

Entrepreneur in Residence

Simply put, entrepreneurs want to talk to other entrepreneurs. Lay a strong foundation for your business with guidance from successful entrepreneurs who understand the challenges and opportunities you face.

Network Opportunities

Resource Access

Experience-based Solutions



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Whether you need us for the short-term or long-term, Mesa Advisors has you covered at every stage from Startup to Exit.


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Quickly fill in PDFs saving you time.

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Portal Fillable PDFs

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Digitally sign important files securely.

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From Startup to Exit, Mesa Advisors has you covered every step of the way

Meet our Founder

Emily is a multifaceted executive with substantial experience in finance, operations, human resources, and compliance.

With a proven track record across startups, growth, and mature firms, Emily has sat at the intersection of multiple business sectors for years, and has had the opportunity to interact, manage, and negotiate with decision makers and stakeholders from a multitude of industries.

Backed by a robust network of standout performers, she knows what it takes to ensure your business operates efficiently, is staged for scale, and provides the tools to make proactive financial decisions for your company's long-term growth.

Our goal is to get you up to speed, establish your processes, and train your staff. Tell us where you want to be and we'll get you there.

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Clients say

Don’t just take our word for it

Emily has brought a refreshing perspective to our accounting operations.  With her impeccable numbers acumen, she has not only supported us in raising capital, but also delivered our accounts with a genuine sense of congeniality.

Her expertise and personable approach have made a truly significant positive impact.

Charlotte Rose Melsom-Burdett
Founding Partner
The Beach Samui/SABAI SABAI™️

Emily is efficient and produces quality work that is absolutely critical to my long-term business goals always offering unique insights and a winning personality to boot!

Rebecca A.

The tech tools Mesa Advisors uses allow me to obtain conversational insights without having to be on a call. I can address complex topics anytime.

The Mesa team has also provided financial education to back up the data they report, so I can feel confident to share it along with other stakeholders.

Bill T.

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